I’d always had a burning curiosity to understand the how’s and why’s of the world, which led to a self-guided education in psychology, anthropology, political science, economics, literature, metaphysics, and systems theory.

I regularly considered going back to school for an advanced degree, but it seems to me that in this modern age of advanced technology and declining academic standards, a formal education is less effective and less meaningful than it has been in generations past.

Instead, I focused my attention on understanding how all of the elements I was learning about intersected and informed one another, developing a holographic framework to better make sense of our cultural trajectory and my place in it.

One day I realized I’d had all the jobs that I wanted, in all of the industries that fueled my passion. I’d produced television, designed video games, consulted for startups, managed corporate compliance, had a brief stint in publishing, even slung cocktails behind a bar.

I’d also seen what worked, and what didn’t, as people moved through their lives and careers. I’d paid attention to who was able to achieve success, and who seemed to flounder, and I’d seen a series of patterns emerging.

So I decided to turn my attention to helping others experience the same joy and success that I had attained, and put those observations to better use.

I’ve helped people with a wide variety of challenges and goals, from figuring out how to start a business or change the way their business functions, to finding the courage to start (or stop) a romantic relationship. Finding a dream job that will bring true fulfillment, finishing an artistic project that has lingered for months or years, even just finding a way to feel OK and find hope in this world of uncertainty. I’d love the chance to help you, too!